Pearl’s Solutions

If you have a problem and cannot get it resolved, if you came to a dead end, and don’t know what to do next email me at  and tell me about it. Explain the details of the problem and how you tried to get your problem resolved. You must provide details on who you contacted, and how you contacted them, either by letter, phone call or in person. You must provide the phone number where you called or the address where you mailed the letter or spoke to someone in person, and if possible the names of the people you spoke with. I will attempt to find a solution to your problem.

By sending this problem to me, and if it is resolved by me, you are agreeing that this problem and it’s solution may be featured in an upcoming article or newsletter. Only your first names will be used and the city and state where you reside.


Pearl’s Mission

My mission is to make as many people as possible aware of their credit rights. Credit belongs to the individual and should not be regarded as a secret or a type of mechanism to keep people feeling as if they’re in bondage to misinformation or even lack of information. Having experience working in a large insurance company has allowed me somewhat of an insider’s advantage into understanding both sides of the consumer industry – those who grant credit and those who benefit from having credit. However, I’ve also seen the downside where people feel they have little say or control in correcting information in their credit reports through inquiry and dispute – having no idea of how or where certain information was obtained, or how to protect our possessions during time of ecomic hardship. I am especially concerned for those many men and women who serve our country, only to come home and find much of their credit and possessions under siege.

It’s easy to feel intimidated when attempting to “go to battle” with credit reporting agencies and credit-granting companies. But, I’m here to make a strong stand, educating and helping people understand their credit rights, researching the many laws regarding credit and the consumer, and even making our voices heard with lawmakers at the state and national levels. It’s no easy feat, but with perseverance and dedication we can put our credit back into the hands of whom it belongs to – you.